Welcome to The Doctor as a Humanist Site

Hello and thanks for your interest in The Doctor as a Humanist project. We are currently busy organising the Symposium and securing funding for our speakers, but we will be updating the Site regularly with new relevant information.

Author: Annalisa

https://about.me/annalisamanca @annalisamanca

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Doctor as a Humanist Site”

  1. Anna Skorzewska Director Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, University Health Network, Assistant Professor University of Toronto says:


    I have been working in medicine and the humanities for some time. I am interested in the symposium. Will it be held in a particular location? Will it be open to those who would like to attend?


    1. Dear Anna,
      Apologies for the delay. Yes, the Symposium is open to all who would like to attend, although it will be a small event this year. It will be held in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). Please do let me know if you would like to have any more details about it.


    1. Dear Susan,
      We don’t have a mailing list at the moment, but I will add you when we have one. At the moment, the best way to be updated about the project and the Symposium is this Blog.
      Hope this helps, please do get in touch should you require any more information
      Best wishes


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